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Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital under fire as humanitarian catastrophe unfolds

WHO urges ceasefire as ongoing attacks endanger the lives of civilians, including patients and staff.

Netanyahu declares advancement in war against Hamas-ISIS, announces full encirclement of Northern Gaza

Netanyahu stresses security imperative while IDF pursues full-force operations. Hezbollah leader calls for halt to attacks, criticizes U.S. influence, and commends Gaza's resistance.

US precision strikes target Iran-linked sites in Syria

Iran rebuts allegations of increased attacks on American troops, U.S. stresses defense measures amid sanctions.

Iceland declares state of emergency, evacuates GrindavĂ­k ahead of imminent volcanic eruption

Residents of Grindavík have been evacuated due to the risk of eruption in or near the town, with several roads closed in the Reykjanes peninsula.

French politicians rally against antisemitism in Paris as far-right attacks pro-Palestine conference

Far-right and antisemitic attacks in the UK and Canada spark police action, denunciations, and calls for unity.

Civil society groups condemn trial of whistleblower who exposed alleged war crimes by Australian forces in Afghanistan

Human Rights Law Center says the trial hurts accountability and press freedom.

Saudi Arabia hosts extraordinary Arab-Islamic summit, urges urgent action and unity amid Israel-Gaza conflict

Participants demand end to Israeli attacks, humanitarian aid for Gaza, and propose measures such as criminal prosecutions for Israeli actions.

Gaza: IDF and UN release conflicting statements on Al-Shifa Hospital bombardment

UN calls for ceasefire and release of hostages; IDF denies hospital shooting allegations, cites collaborative evacuation efforts.

Yellen and China’s Vice Premier address disagreements and seek common ground during 10-hour San Francisco meeting

Yellen stresses balanced relationship, while He urges dialogue – both commit to collaboration despite differences.

Philippines and China accuse each other of violating international law during South China Sea incident

Washington urges China to respect high seas freedoms, backs Philippines in maritime rights dispute.