Catch all for any events happening outside the United States

Turkey strikes Kurdish targets in northern Iraq following attack on Ankara

The US expresses support for Turkey's efforts against the PKK, while Iraq aims for a security deal with Turkey to address sovereignty and border issues.

EU foreign ministers convene for ‘historic meeting’ outside of bloc borders in Kyiv

Biden calls on Republicans to provide additional aid to Ukraine after Congress passed a spending bill that did not include security assistance for Ukraine.

UK commits £4 billion investment to boost long-term submarine capabilities

Secretary of State for Defence Grant Shapps unveils plan to strengthen the Royal Navy's strategic advantage.

UN Security Council passes resolution for Kenya-led mission to restore stability in Haiti

UNSC resolution paves the way for a Kenya-led mission to help Haiti combat violence and instability, with a focus on restoring safety, livelihoods, and democratic governance.

China rejects US report on information manipulation

Chinese Foreign Ministry accuses the U.S. State Department of conducting "propaganda and infiltration" in its recent report on China's potential impact on global freedom of expression.

Biden urges House Republicans to prioritize funding for Ukraine

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says strengthening border security is tied to approving a significant aid package for Ukraine.

Foiled terrorist attack on Turkey’s Ministry of Internal Affairs sparks international condemnation and solidarity

Attempted suicide attack by the Immortal Battalion prompts international condemnation, Turkish President Erdoğan pledges continued counterterrorism efforts.

15 human rights groups back congressional decision to withhold military aid to Egypt

$235 million in military aid to Egypt hangs in the balance, pending human rights progress.

Ukraine hosts defense forum, launches global Defense Industries Alliance

International defense companies converged in Kyiv as Ukraine seeks to bolster collaboration with arms manufacturers.

China spending billions of dollars on global media manipulation, US says

State Department report accuses China of using "deceptive and coercive methods" to promote "digital authoritarianism" that "yielded mixed results."