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Pro-Israel protesters attend ‘March for Israel’ on National Mall to denounce antisemitism

Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project: The number of pro-Palestine demonstrations has spiked to surpass pro-Israel events by approximately 50% since October 12.

Body of Canadian-Israeli peace activist Vivian Silver recovered five weeks after Hamas attack

As a dedicated Israeli peace activist, Silver was known for her years of selfless service driving Gazans in need of medical care to Israeli hospitals.

Biden to discuss Israel-Palestine and Ukraine wars with Xi

From reaffirming the One China policy to discussing Middle East interests, the Biden-Xi summit takes a nuanced approach, prioritizing responsible navigation of the U.S.-China relationship.

Finnish government prepares border security measures amid increased asylum seeker influx

Government parties agree on proposals for border restrictions, citing changes in Russian authorities' actions and a surge in asylum applications.

Biden and Xi to discuss critical global issues in San Francisco meeting tomorrow

The two leaders are expected to discuss the U.S.-PRC bilateral relationship, military communications, and major issues concerning world peace and development.

Global leaders respond to Gaza crisis: Biden expresses concerns, Netanyahu issues warning, and PRCS calls for urgent intervention

From IDF's revelations to Netanyahu's warnings and Biden's concerns, the Israel-Palestine conflict takes center stage, posing critical challenges for humanitarian efforts and diplomatic resolutions.

At least eight pro-Iran fighters killed in US strikes on training facilities in Syria

The Pentagon carried out strikes against Iran-backed training facilities in the Mayadeen and Albu Kamal areas in response to attacks on American troops.

OPEC and EIA reports align, anticipate growth in global oil demand amid price volatility

OPEC forecasts strong oil demand surge for 2024 while EIA predicts production increase.

Global negotiators meet in Nairobi to forge treaty on plastic pollution

UN reports detail annual impact of 430 million tons of plastic discarded globally.