News related to weather events

Biden releases the Fifth U.S. National Climate Assessment, invests $6 billion into climate resilience

In addition to releasing NAC5 report on changes in the climate, the resulting impacts on the U.S., Biden announces over $6 billion in investments to "make communities across the country more resilient to the impacts of climate change."

Iceland declares state of emergency, evacuates GrindavĂ­k ahead of imminent volcanic eruption

Residents of Grindavík have been evacuated due to the risk of eruption in or near the town, with several roads closed in the Reykjanes peninsula.

2023 witnesses ‘warmest October on record globally’

C3S, WMO, and NCEI findings point to 2023 as pivotal year for climate action as El Niño patterns extend into 2024.

East African nations grapple with severe flood crisis as thousands displaced

Deputy Prime Minister declares state of emergency in Somalia. Neighboring Kenya faces casualties, livestock losses, and farmland destruction due to heavy rain and floods.

UN says world hasn’t prepared the most vulnerable countries for climate extremes

UN reports that estimated costs to fully prepare low-income nations for climate change are 10 to 18 times greater than current international public financing to these regions.

India: Flash floods in state of Sikkim claim 27 lives, 141 still missing

Central government mounts response effort, with $53 million allocation for relief.

UNICEF: 43 million children displaced by weather-related events over past 6 years

Floods and storms account for 95 percent of child displacements; Wildfires led to 810,000 child displacements.

2023 on track to become warmest year ever as September breaks global temperature records

C3S and WMO underscore urgent need for climate action in response to soaring temperatures and extreme weather events.

Pope Francis issues ‘Laudate Deum’ exhortation addressing climate crisis, urges global action ahead of COP28 conference

Pope Francis expresses concerns about response to climate change, calls for decisive action at the upcoming COP28 conference in Dubai.

New York City declares state of emergency amid record-breaking rainfall and flash flooding

Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams urge caution as rainfall prompts citywide alert.