News related to weather events

18 provinces in Iraq struck by severe sandstorm
On Thursday morning, a severe sandstorm hit 18 Iraqi provinces, including Baghdad and Al-Anbar. Iraq health ministry spokesman, Seid al-Badr, announced that over 5000 people had since sought medical treatment, with one having died due to the storm.
Damage being assessed after tornado tears through Kansas
A tornado tore through Kansas on Friday, damaging several buildings and leaving thousands without power. The level of damage is currently still being assessed. Wichita Mayor, Brandon Whipple, announced that the tornado had damaged at least 50-100 structures in the city, mainly located in the suburb of Andover.
Early heatwave hits India, Pakistan
The Indian subcontinent has been gripped by a record-breaking heatwave, arriving earlier than usual in the year. Extreme temperatures have been recorded across parts of India and Pakistan, causing due concern. In a meeting with state chief ministers, Indian PM Narendra Modi said, "Temperatures are rising rapidly in the country, and rising much earlier than usual,"
Death toll in Philippines rising after first major storm of 2022
The death toll has reached 138 and is feared to continue rising in the aftermath following the first cyclone to hit the Philippines this year, Storm Megi, known locally as 'Agaton'. The storm, which made landmass on Sunday, carried with it winds that sustained at around 40mph with gusts of up to 49mph, causing widespread flooding and additional landslides. By early Wednesday, the storm had dissipated.
Antarctica ice shelf breaks up
The 1200 sq. km Conger ice shelf in Antarctica collapsed in mid-March. Antarctica reached historically high temperatures last week.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison to increase support to flood-affected areas
A large part of Australia's east coast has been flooded, leading to entire communities being cut off and people being trapped in their homes. The Bureau of Meteorology Australia tweeted on March 4th, "Flooding persists across numerous catchments in #NSW."
UN Climate Report urges nations to adapt
A new United Nations report has found that global warming is reshaping the world faster and more severely than previously thought. The report notes that climate change affects people's physical and mental health; it also finds and classifies almost half the world's population as being "highly vulnerable" to the impact of climate change.
Storm Eunice leaves at least 12 dead
Storm Eunice caused high winds, power outages, and disarray in transport. Ferries across the English Channel were suspended, and several flights from Heathrow (London) and Schiphol (Amsterdam) were canceled.
Mudslides cause havoc in Brazil
Mudslides and flooding caused by heavy rainfall have devastated Petropolis, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro's Governor Claudio Castro traveled to Petropolis on Tuesday night.
Cyclone in Madagascar kills at least 10
Cyclone Batsirai made landfall on the east coast of Madagascar at around 8 pm local time on Saturday. The second to hit the island in just two weeks, the cyclone killed at least ten people and displaced thousands.