Catch all for any events happening inside the United States

First witness takes the stand in NY Attorney General’s civil fraud trial against Trump

Trump proposes that 80% of the fraud case could be thrown out because the statute of limitations has expired.

EU foreign ministers convene for ‘historic meeting’ outside of bloc borders in Kyiv

Biden calls on Republicans to provide additional aid to Ukraine after Congress passed a spending bill that did not include security assistance for Ukraine.

Mack Truck workers narrowly avoid strike with tentative labor deal

The company says that UAW members will ratify the deal in future meetings, with expectations that a summary will be released soon.

North Dakota state senator, 3 family members killed in Utah plane crash

The single-engine plane crashed shortly after take off at Canyonlands Regional Airport, Utah, fatally injuring the pilot, Sen. Doug Larsen, his wife, and their two youngest children.

China rejects US report on information manipulation

Chinese Foreign Ministry accuses the U.S. State Department of conducting "propaganda and infiltration" in its recent report on China's potential impact on global freedom of expression.

Biden urges House Republicans to prioritize funding for Ukraine

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says strengthening border security is tied to approving a significant aid package for Ukraine.

Rep. Matt Gaetz to file motion to vacate against House Speaker Kevin McCarthy this week

Gaetz urges House to "rip off the Band-Aid" and move to new leadership, McCarthy says "I'll survive."

Congressman urges Kaiser Permanente to avert record-breaking 75,000-strong healthcare strike

Rep. Schiff and union leader Caroline Lucas highlight staffing crisis and compensation as negotiations hit an impasse ahead of contract expiry at midnight tonight.

15 human rights groups back congressional decision to withhold military aid to Egypt

$235 million in military aid to Egypt hangs in the balance, pending human rights progress.

Congress passes 6-week funding bill to avert government shutdown

President Biden applauds bipartisan effort, while House Speaker criticizes him over border security.