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Chinese drone manufacturer suspends business in Russia and Ukraine
DJI Technology Co Ltd., a Chinese company that produces drones, has announced they will be suspending business in Russia and Ukraine. DJI news stated, "DJI is internally reassessing compliance requirements in various jurisdictions. Pending the current review, DJI will temporarily suspend all business activities in Russia and Ukraine."
Germany to supply Ukraine with heavy weaponry
Germany has announced its first delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine to help it fend off Russian attacks after weeks of pressure from home and abroad. Berlin green-lighted the delivery of tanks with anti-aircraft guns in a move welcomed by the United States.
First all-private astronaut team returns from space
On Monday, the first astronaut crew comprised entirely of private citizens returned from the International Space Station (ISS) after spending over two weeks in orbit. The crew splashed down safely off the coast of Florida in a SpaceX capsule.
EU sets new online rules to curb illegal content
On Saturday, new internet rules were agreed upon between the European Union countries and EU lawmakers to tackle illegal online content. Online platforms like Alphabet (GOOGL.O) and Meta (FB.O) will have to do more to tackle illegal content or risk heavy fines under the new regulations.
CERN restarts the Large Hadron Collider
On Friday, scientists at the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN) restarted the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - the world's most powerful particle accelerator. For over three years, the LHC was undergoing maintenance and upgrades.
CNN’s new streaming service to shut down a month after launch
On Thursday, the incoming CNN chief executive, Chris Licht, stated in a memo that CNN+ (CNN's streaming service) would be shutting down by the end of April. New management made the decision after CNN's former parent company, WarnerMedia, merged with Discovery to form Warner Bros. Discovery earlier this month.
NASA moon rocket back in vehicle assembly after testing delays
On Monday, officials stated that the launch of NASA's new moon rocket had been pushed back nearly a month after the Space Launch System failed to complete its necessary course of pre-launch testing. For the past month, the rocket, known as the Space Launch System, has sat on the launchpad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, undergoing testing of ground systems.
Elon Musk’s offer worries Tesla investors
In a regulatory filing on Thursday, Twitter Inc. stated that Musk, currently one of the company's largest shareholders, had proposed buying all remaining shares at $54.20 per share, an offer worth over $43 billion. Earlier in the day, Vanguard disclosed that it had increased its stake in Twitter, moving it into the position of the company's largest outside shareholder.
First private astronaut mission to International Space Station
On Friday, NASA and SpaceX launched the first all-private crew mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Three paying customers and a former NASA astronaut were sent to the ISS aboard a Dragon capsule lifted by a Falcon 9 rocket.
US, UK, Australia will cooperate on hypersonic weapons under alliance
Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States (AUKUS) have agreed to cooperate on developing hypersonic weapons and electronic warfare capabilities. The development follows the creation of the AUKUS defense alliance between the three nations in September 2021, which prompted Australia to cancel a contract for a conventional French submarine in favor of a nuclear submarine program.