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Yellen says no impact on Treasury market after ransomware attack on US division of Chinese bank ICBC

ICBC Financial Services says it disconnected and isolated the impacted systems to contain the incident, notes successful clearance of U.S. Treasury trades on Wednesday. Yellen reports Treasury market was not impacted..

Biden signs executive order on AI safeguards

Order focuses on safety, security, regulation, and emphasizing the need for congressional support in a rapidly advancing tech landscape.

Gaza communications partially restored following deliberate disruption

Telecommunications and internet have been partially restored in Gaza following 30-hour outage; U.N. calls for compliance with humanitarian law.

Pentagon report suggests China’s nuclear arsenal of 500 warheads will double by 2030

The report claims Beijing is likely to have completed the construction of three new solid-propellant silo fields, consisting of at least 300 new Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) silos.

Israel disputes HRW and Amnesty reports alleging it used white phosphorus munitions in Gaza and Lebanon

HRW and Amnesty International present evidence of white phosphorus use by Tel Aviv, call for reevaluation of international protocol.

Amnesty International exposes global spyware attacks targeting high-profile individuals

A report from Amnesty International and the European Investigative Collaborations reveals infiltration of social media platforms and use of invasive 'Predator' spyware.

UK commits £4 billion investment to boost long-term submarine capabilities

Secretary of State for Defence Grant Shapps unveils plan to strengthen the Royal Navy's strategic advantage.

Ukraine hosts defense forum, launches global Defense Industries Alliance

International defense companies converged in Kyiv as Ukraine seeks to bolster collaboration with arms manufacturers.

Zelenskyy secures CA$650 million military assistance for Ukraine during visit to Canada

Ottawa to provide Kyiv with 50 armored vehicles, air defense missiles, and will join F-16 fighter jet training program for Ukrainian pilots.

Tech industry leaders call for AI regulation in closed-door Senate meeting

Senate Majority leader hosts first ever A.I. Insight Forum on Wednesday, after Sen. Blumenthal highlighted the need to address the "panoply of perils" A.I. presents.