News related to domestic unrest in the United States

British High Court ruling cuts nurses’ strike short

British High Court ruled that the nurses' strike was partly unlawful, forcing the RCN walk-out plan to be cut short.

French president signs pension reform into law

Amendments to social security financing law were enacted after approval by the Constitutional Council.

NHS braces for ‘extremely worrying’ junior doctor strike

The British Medical Association is holding a 96-hour strike from April 11-14, seeking a 35% pay rise for junior doctors.

Nationwide strike halts German planes, trains, and buses.

Members of German unions Verdi and EVG hold 24-hour strike to coincide with the start of the third round of talks with public sector employers.

PM Netanyahu delays plan to overhaul Israel’s judiciary

Netanyahu assures citizens that efforts to achieve broad agreement will be taken.

‘Mayhem operation:’ Kenyans protest government despite ban

Opposition leader Raila Odinga claims that police brutality has increased at recent protests.

French police accused of using excessive force during pension reform protests

Interior minister says protesters are the ones being violent towards police.

Hong Kong allows first protest since 2020

Organizers say they hope the restrictions will not be the norm for future protests.

Israel’s defense minister calls for halt to judicial reforms

Yoav Gallant says divisions over the proposals are affecting Israel's security.

British king’s visit to France postponed amid pension reform protests

Unions had promised a strike during King Charles' state visit to France.