News related to domestic unrest in the United States

10,000 Israeli military reservists warn they will suspend volunteer duties if judicial reforms move ahead

PM Netanyahu says the refusal to serve is irresponsible and dangerous.

Riots in France: 157 arrested, 3 police injured, 45,000 police and security forces remain in place

Interior Minister urges social networks to remove calls for violence and insurrection.

UN: France must address racism in policing

17-year old of North African descent was killed by French police in a Paris suburb on Tuesday, sparking protests and riots.

Turkey condemns burning of Quran in Sweden on Eid-al-Adha

Turkish officials denounce anti-Islamic acts and call for European authorities to combat hatred and intolerance.

DOJ: Minneapolis police engage in discriminatory conduct, use excessive force

AG Garland: George Floyd's death in 2020 came as a result of years of discriminatory practices by Minneapolis police.

Trump indicted in classified documents inquiry

Trump’s lawyer noted that the charges fall under the Espionage Act, calls the indictment 'ludicrous.'

Atlanta approves $31m in funding for ‘Cop City’ after sustained protests

After public speakers expressed opposition to 'Cop City' at City Hall for over 14 hours, the Atlanta City Council voted 11-4 to approve the legislation on funding.

Around 25 NATO peacekeeping soldiers injured in clashes with Serb protesters in Kosovo

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić calls on Serbs in Kosovo to avoid clashes with NATO soldiers.

UN calls for aid access as heavy shelling rocks Sudan’s capital

UN estimates at least 528 dead, 4,599 injured, and 434,000 displaced or fled since conflict began 20 days ago.

UK nurses hold largest ever strike over pay

Health secretary says nursing union decision to strike was premature and disrespectful.