News related to domestic unrest in the United States

Pro-Israel protesters attend ‘March for Israel’ on National Mall to denounce antisemitism

Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project: The number of pro-Palestine demonstrations has spiked to surpass pro-Israel events by approximately 50% since October 12.

French politicians rally against antisemitism in Paris as far-right attacks pro-Palestine conference

Far-right and antisemitic attacks in the UK and Canada spark police action, denunciations, and calls for unity.

UAW reaches ‘landmark agreement’ with GM, ending six weeks of strikes against Big Three automakers

Biden: "This historic contract is a testament to the power of unions and collective bargaining to build strong middle-class jobs while helping our most iconic American companies thrive."

Airport turmoil in Dagestan sparks safety concerns and international outcry

Demonstrators disrupt airport operations, causing injuries, a temporary shutdown, and global condemnation. Leaders worldwide emphasize urgency of combatting hatred and antisemitism.

UAW reaches tentative agreement with Ford offering record raise

Ford says it is "pleased" a new deal has been struck, and that its 20,000 Ford employees are being called back to assembly lines.

5,000 UAW members join picket line at General Motors’ Arlington Assembly Plant

The move comes just hours after GM reported third-quarter earnings of $3.5 billion and one day after the union struck Stellantis’ Sterling Heights Assembly Plant.

6,800 UAW members walk off the job at Stellantis’ ‘biggest moneymaker’ Sterling Heights

UAW President: Stellantis lags behind Ford and General Motors in addressing the demands of their UAW workforce.

Jewish pro-Palestine protesters calling for Israel-Hamas ceasefire arrested at Capitol Hill

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene calls the protest an "insurrection," adds that she is writing a censure resolution for Palestinian-American Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Bill Ford urges UAW workers to end strike, warns shutdown would threaten US automobile industry

UAW President: “It’s not the UAW and Ford against foreign automakers. It’s autoworkers everywhere against corporate greed."