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Investigation launched into social media companies over Buffalo mass shooting
The NY Attorney General's Office has launched an investigation into social media companies in relation to the Buffalo mass shooting incident that claimed the lives of ten and injured three. Officials will look into social media companies and other online resources allegedly used by the shooter to live-stream, discuss, promote, and plot the mass shooting.
US Soccer Federation to commit to equal pay for women’s & men’s teams
The US Soccer Federation and the unions of the US Women's and Men's National Teams have agreed to the terms of first-of-their-kind collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), achieving "true equal pay" for women and men players. The CBAs, which run through to 2028, will be separate and different for every team but will include identical working conditions and economic terms, including appearance fees, commercial revenue share, game bonuses, etc.
Russia reports the surrender of Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol
Russia has announced that Ukrainian troops in the besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol have surrendered, with several soldiers being evacuated in buses to nearby Russian-held towns. Fighters who needed medical aid were sent to a hospital in Novoazovsk. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk noted that they intend to arrange a prisoner swap with Russia as soon as the wounded soldiers' conditions have stabilized.
Bidens visit Buffalo following mass shooting incident
President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited Buffalo following a mass shooting incident at a Tops Friendly Markets store last week. The Bidens met with the victims' families. On May 14th, a gunman killed ten individuals and injured three using an AR-15-style rifle. Eleven of the victims were black.
Shanghai achieves “zero-COVID” status with no new community cases in 3 days
On Tuesday, Shanghai achieved "zero-COVID" status with no new COVID-19 cases reported outside of quarantine zones for three consecutive days. For most Chinese cities in lockdown, three consecutive days with no new community infections equates to a "zero-COVID" status, signalling the beginning of the easing of restrictions.
Buffalo shooting suspect allegedly plotted attack online
On May 14th, ten people were killed and three injured in a mass shooting incident at a Tops Friendly Markets store in Buffalo, NY. Authorities arrested the suspected shooter, 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron, at the scene. Gendron allegedly donned body armor and live-streamed the shooting on the popular streaming platform, Twitch, using a helmet camera.
Finland & Sweden announce intent to join NATO; Russia responds
Finland and Sweden have announced their intention to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), signaling a historic policy shift - one which was reportedly influenced by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that while the two nations' NATO membership would be "no direct threat" to Russia, the territories' military infrastructure expansion would "certainly provoke" a response from Moscow.
North Korea’s Kim Jong Un slams officials’ COVID-19 response
On Monday, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un "strongly criticized" Cabinet and public health sector officials for their COVID-19 response, singling out their "irresponsible work attitude." The North Korean leader also condemned lapses in legal oversight that resulted in "several negative phenomena in the nationwide handling and sale of medicines."
Japan’s Okinawa marks 50th anniversary of end of US occupation
Sunday marked 50 years since the end of the US occupation of Okinawa. The chain of islands, located between Taiwan and Japan in the East China Sea, was returned to Tokyo on May 15th, 1972. Several US bases still stand on Okinawa. Citizens have long opposed the presence of military bases in the prefecture, expressing concerns that it could invite military aggression, especially given the rising tensions between China and Taiwan.
Lebanon conducts parliamentary elections on Sunday
On Sunday, Lebanon held its first parliamentary election since both the 2020 Beirut blast and the country's economic collapse, a collapse which plunged the majority of its population into poverty. A total of 718 candidates from 15 electoral districts are contesting the elections for a seat in Lebanon's 128-member parliament.