News related to immigration, immigration reform and illegal immigration in the United States

Operation Lone Star: 3-year old child dies on state-sponsored bus transporting migrants from Texas to Chicago

Gov. Abbott says migrants will continue to be bused to 'sanctuary cities' under state's policy until Pres. Biden 'secures the border.'

Mayor Adams says NYC “past breaking point,” warns migrant crisis could cost $12B over next two years

He claims that Republicans have been blocking immigration reform while stating that migrants "don't want anything from us. They want to work."

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey declares state of emergency due to migrant influx

According to Gov. Healey, "more than 5,500 families, including very young children and pregnant people, are living in emergency shelter and receiving supportive services," up from around 3,100 families last year.

Immigrant rights groups: ICE illegally detaining 3 Central American men who have won immigration cases

Groups say ICE is holding the men because it is trying to deport them to third countries.

Court temporarily allows Biden asylum restrictions; Dissenting judge calls them ‘indistinguishable’ from Trump-era rules

Biden administration said a district court decision against new asylum rules would lead to disruption at the southwest border.

UN agencies call for regional solutions as DariƩn Gap witnesses record migration

UN reports increase in perilous border crossings, urges regional collaboration and human rights-based response.

Federal judge blocks Biden’s asylum policy to restrict migration at southern border

White House says DOJ will appeal the ruling, asserts Biden's border enforcement plan works.

DOJ files civil complaint against Texas over Rio Grande River barrier

Gov. Abbott: "If President Biden truly cared about human life, he would enforce federal immigration laws."

Texas defends floating border barrier as DOJ warns of lawsuit

DOJ claims floating barrier is unauthorized and unlawful; Texas governor says state has authority to defend its border.

EU and Tunisia sign pact to stem migration

EU and Tunisian leaders say MoU will tackle human-smuggling networks, MEP Satouri says the agreement ignores human rights.