News related to immigration, immigration reform and illegal immigration in the United States

Finnish government prepares border security measures amid increased asylum seeker influx

Government parties agree on proposals for border restrictions, citing changes in Russian authorities' actions and a surge in asylum applications.

Census Bureau: US population will peak at 370 million in 2080, decline expected by 2100

Immigration is expected to be the primary driver of population growth. Factors contributing to the slower pace of population growth through 2060 include: aging population, higher mortality rates, decreases in fertility, and trends in international migration.

Five mayors call for urgent meeting with Biden on asylum seekers, request $5 billion to cover expenditures

In an effort to "avoid large numbers of additional asylum seekers," the mayors requested an urgent meeting with President Biden along with $5 billion to cover costs already incurred.

Border Patrol released over 900,000 undocumented immigrants into US in FY2023

More than 150,000 were released in September alone; GOP lawmakers demand swift action to address border crisis.

Rep. Green blames Sec. Mayorkas for record September border encounters

September data shows 18.5 percent increase in border encounters compared to last September.

Legal settlement bans US from separating migrant families

U.S. Justice Department announces historic agreement, addressing past family separations and introducing measures to prevent future incidents.

Trump promises to reinstate and expand his travel ban on people from ‘dangerous places’ if elected

Trump vows to "stand with Israel 100%" and to reinstate and expand his travel ban on people from "terror plagued countries." Meanwhile, a federal judge has approved a gag order against Trump in his ongoing election fraud case.

UK Supreme Court reviews legality of Rwanda deportation policy

The UK Supreme Court is considering the fate of the government's controversial plan to send selected asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Cruz calls for impeachment inquiry into Mayorkas over record illegal border crossings

Senator accuses Homeland Security Secretary of intentionally allowing more illegal migrants into the country to change the nation's demography to benefit Democrats.

AOC urges Biden to “reverse course” on border wall construction, calls it a “cruel policy”

Congresswoman says White House was not obligated to expand the wall, while president says he has no say in the decision.