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US Fentanyl overdose rate quadruples in 5 years

According to the CDC, drug overdose deaths continue to be a significant public health burden in the United States.

FDA approves world’s first RSV vaccine

It is estimated that 6,000-10,000 older Americans die from respiratory syncytial virus each year.

COVID vaccination requirements for foreign travelers, federal workers to end on May 11

DHS will no longer require non-US travelers entering the country to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

UK nurses hold largest ever strike over pay

Health secretary says nursing union decision to strike was premature and disrespectful.

Republicans reject abortion bans in South Carolina and Nebraska

South Carolina and Nebraska senators voted against bills that would have limited abortions in their respective states.

Kansas House overrides veto of new abortion, trans legislation

Gov. Laura Kelly expresses her disappointment at efforts to pass “extremist legislation that will hurt our economy and tarnish our reputation.”

British High Court ruling cuts nurses’ strike short

British High Court ruled that the nurses' strike was partly unlawful, forcing the RCN walk-out plan to be cut short.

Pence touts Trump’s role in overturning Roe v. Wade

Pence says Roe v. Wade was sent "to the ash heap of history, where it belongs," adding, "You did that, Iowa."

FDA authorizes updated COVID-19 vaccines for adults and children six months or older

Monovalent COVID-19 vaccines no longer authorized for use in the United States.

Appeals court grants limited access to abortion pill

DeSantis signs Heartbeat Protection Act, banning abortion after 6 weeks.