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Congressman urges Kaiser Permanente to avert record-breaking 75,000-strong healthcare strike

Rep. Schiff and union leader Caroline Lucas highlight staffing crisis and compensation as negotiations hit an impasse ahead of contract expiry at midnight tonight.

Federal judge blocks portions of North Carolina’s senate bill which restricted abortions

Ruling maintains access to early-stage medical abortions and ensures care options for sexual assault survivors and patients with medical diagnoses.

DeSantis says he would sign 15-week US abortion ban as President

In Wednesday's GOP primary debate, DeSantis confirmed that he would sign a 15-week abortion ban if elected as president.

500,000 children and families regain Medicaid coverage after ‘systems issue’ paused their eligibility

The HHS has also finalized a rule to streamline Medicare Savings Program enrollment, making coverage more affordable for around 860,000 people.

Biden issues executive order to protect people of East Palestine following February’s derailment

Seven months after the derailment in East Palestine, Biden directs FEMA to appoint a Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator to oversee long-term recovery efforts.

US to invest $600 million in free at-home COVID-19 tests starting next week

COVID-19 hospitalizations across the U.S. are up 7.7% since last month, with 20,538 people admitted between Sept. 3 and Sept. 9.

Planned Parenthood Wisconsin to resume abortions next week for first time since 2022

The Dane County Circuit Court ruled in July that the 1849 criminal abortion ban is not enforceable for voluntary abortions.

CDC recommends Americans 6 months and older to get updated COVID-19 vaccine

Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Boosters set to roll out as CDC emphasizes Long COVID prevention, while President Biden encourages nationwide vaccine uptake.

FDA approves updated COVID-19 vaccines targeting prevalent variants

Newly authorized vaccines designed to bolster protection against severe outcomes, including hospitalization and death, include a component for Omicron variant XBB.1.5.

GOP state representatives push for New Mexico governor’s impeachment over temporary firearm ban

Gov. Grisham says the 30-day ban in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County came because "gun violence is killing between 2 and 3 children every month in NM."