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Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital under fire as humanitarian catastrophe unfolds

WHO urges ceasefire as ongoing attacks endanger the lives of civilians, including patients and staff.

Iceland declares state of emergency, evacuates GrindavĂ­k ahead of imminent volcanic eruption

Residents of Grindavík have been evacuated due to the risk of eruption in or near the town, with several roads closed in the Reykjanes peninsula.

Gaza: IDF and UN release conflicting statements on Al-Shifa Hospital bombardment

UN calls for ceasefire and release of hostages; IDF denies hospital shooting allegations, cites collaborative evacuation efforts.

UN says Gazan hospitals under new Israeli attacks, leaving children injured

Palestinian Ministry of Health: "The death toll of the Israeli aggression rose to 11,078 martyrs, including 4,506 children, 3,027 women, and 678 elderly people, and 27,490 citizens were injured with various injuries."

Ohio voters approve abortion rights amendment Issue 1

Vice President Kamala Harris says the results indicate "a good night for democracy," adds that one doesn’t have to abandon their faith to come to this agreement.

Gaza conflict update: IDF evacuation efforts continue, UN calls for urgent ceasefire amidst human rights concerns

IDF's evacuation corridor operation unfolds amid persistent clashes. UN human rights commissioner emphasizes the need for an immediate ceasefire in the face of escalating humanitarian challenges.

UN humanitarians warn Gaza is becoming a ‘graveyard for children’ as Palestinian death toll exceeds 10,000

Netanyahu says there will be "no general cease-fire in Gaza without the release of our hostages," only "tactical little pauses" for humanitarian delivery will be allowed.

East African nations grapple with severe flood crisis as thousands displaced

Deputy Prime Minister declares state of emergency in Somalia. Neighboring Kenya faces casualties, livestock losses, and farmland destruction due to heavy rain and floods.

Gaza: 15 killed in Israeli strike on ambulance it claims was being “illegally” used by Hamas

The attack also wounded 60 people, as the ambulance was traveling to the Rafah border crossing in a medical convoy from Al-Shifa Hospital.

Education Dept withholds $7.2M in payments to MOHELA over failure to send timely billing statements

Education Secretary Cardona says MOHELA's failure to meet obligations "will not be tolerated." The Biden administration releases a draft regulatory text outlining relief options for borrowers experiencing hardship.