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Utah bans abortion clinics while North Dakota blocks total ban

Utah plans to apply a full ban on abortion clinics after Jan 1, 2024.

Photo by Ken Lund on Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

On Wednesday, Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed an abortion bill banning clinics from providing abortions starting next year.

The bill will take effect on May 3, at which time “the state may not issue a license for an abortion clinic.” A complete ban will be applied after Jan. 1, 2024.

In addition to prohibiting licensing of abortion clinics, the law also modifies definitions and provisions that govern what constitutes a medical emergency in relation to abortion.

Meanwhile, the North Dakota Supreme Court struck down a state abortion ban while a lawsuit over its constitutionality proceeds, stating that “the Court did this [abortion ban] without explicit support from the state Constitution and without support from legislative enactments in our history of abortion regulation.”

“Today’s North Dakota Supreme Court decision does not bar the people of North Dakota from regulating abortion through the enactments by their elected representatives in our state legislature,” said Attorney General Drew Wrigley.