UK strikes: NHS union reaches pay deal with government

While education and junior doctors' unions enter into talks with the government, passport office workers vote to strike.

Photo by Roger Blackwell on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The UK government and unions representing National Healthcare Service (NHS) workers, with the exception of doctors, have reached a pay deal. This means a pause in strike action by nurses, paramedics and other healthcare staff as their respective associations consult with members about the government’s offer.

Under the offer, more than 1 million NHS staff in England will receive a pay rise and a one-off backlog bonus.

Meanwhile, education unions and government officials have entered intensive talks. Unions have announced a suspension of strikes for two weeks to support negotiations over teacher pay, conditions and workload reduction.

Also, the union representing junior doctors says it will freeze its industrial action as it enters into talks with the health secretary. It says it reserves the right to strike if the government makes a substandard offer.

The union representing passport office workers says its members have voted to go on strike for five weeks. The Home Office says customers should allow up to ten weeks to receive passports.