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Large-scale US-South Korea military drills to begin on March 13

US rejects North's accusation that the joint drills are a lead up to invasion.

Photo by USArmy on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The US and South Korea say they will conduct 11-day joint drills entitled Freedom Shield (FS23) starting March 13.

US Forces Korea (USFK) says the drills will improve both militaries’ coordination through air, land, sea, space, cyber and special operations. It says this is the latest example of the US commitment to South Korea’s sovereignty and defense.

USFK Col. Isaac Taylor rejects the North’s accusation that the two countries’ regular joint-drills are hostile and the lead-up to an invasion of its territory. He maintained that the drills are defensive.

A Combined Forces Command press release added, “All professional militaries train using routine and continuously executed events to maintain proficiency, credibility and trust.”

For its part, Joint Chiefs of Staff Korea says both allies would respond strongly to any North Korean provocations that breach the 2018 inter-Korean military deal.