Classified documents found at Pence’s home

Mike Pence, Greg Jacob

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Pence’s lawyer says classified documents were discovered at Indiana residence. Pence requested outside counsel to review records, resulting in the discovery of “sensitive or classified information”.

Where: Indiana

The Facts

Classified documents were discovered in the Indiana residence of former Vice President Mike Pence, as reported by his lawyer, Greg Jacob.
Jacob sent a letter to the National Archives requesting assistance in collecting and transferring the documents.
He states that Pence had requested outside counsel to review records stored in his home. The review resulted in the discovery of several documents that may contain “sensitive or classified information.”
Rep. James Comer stated that Pence “has agreed to fully cooperate with congressional oversight and any questions we have about the matter.” He also claimed that “Pence’s transparency stands in stark contrast to Biden White House staff.”
When asked about the White House’s stance on the issue, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “I’m not going to comment on any ongoing criminal investigation or any investigation.” She added that it was up to the Department of Justice to decide if a Special Council should be appointed.

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