China reopens borders after three-year COVID-restrictions

Chinese CDC

China lifts travel restrictions including mandatory quarantine for inbound travelers. Import restrictions on cold food items and other goods will also be lifted.

Where: China

The Facts

After three years of COVID-19 restrictions, China officially opened its borders on Sunday.
The new policy includes lifting the mandatory quarantine for inbound international travelers. Travelers will need to provide a negative PCR test conducted 48 hours prior to arrival; PCR tests upon arrival will be scrapped.
In this first phase of travel resumption, travelers from Hong Kong will be allowed into mainland China on a quota basis of 60,000 per day, including both land and ferry ports. The easing of travel restrictions comes in time for the Lunar New Year, set to be celebrated on 22 January.
The government claims its goal is to revive pre-pandemic procedures for international passenger flights by summer/autumn 2023. It intends to do so by accepting applications from Chinese and international airlines for the resumption of their respective services.
The easing of restrictions also includes the issuance of visas and residence permits for foreigners. Restrictions placed on the import of cold-chain foods and non-cold-chain goods will also be lifted, with the requirement for nucleic acid testing being dropped.

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