Anti-government protests continue in Peru

Pedro Castillo, Jorge Luis Chávez Cresta, Alberto Otárola, Víctor Rojas Herrera

10+ reported dead following attacks on police in Juliaca, Peru. 75 police officers injured during clashes in Puno.

Where: Peru

The Facts

More than ten people have died following attacks perpetrated against the police contingent protecting Inca Manco Cápac Airport in Juliaca, Peru, on January 9th.
The Minister of the Interior, Víctor Rojas Herrera, reported that around 16,000 people had flocked to Puno, and 9,000 people to Juliaca, for the protests.
Both groups participated in marches that were initially carried out peacefully. However, the situation changed in the late afternoon when the attacks on law enforcement began.
Defense Minister Jorge Luis Chávez Cresta reported that a total of 75 police officers had been injured during the clashes in Puno.
Former President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, took to Twitter to say, “the Peruvians who have been assassinated for defending the country from the coup dictatorship will be immortalized in the history of our great homeland. Terror is the last cartridge of a regime cornered by the people.”
The president of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otárola, affirmed that “the Government remains solid, focused on its political action plan to pacify the country, carry out the transfer of power via general elections and reactivate the national economy.”

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