Shanghai reports COVID-19 numbers as resentment for zero-Covid policy grows

China's National Health Commission, Shanghai, Li Bin

China’s officials rally behind its zero-Covid policy. Resentment against the policy grows among residents.

Where: China

The Facts

On Friday, Beijing moved to close more malls, theaters, and apartment blocks as officials continued to increase contact tracing to contain a COVID-19 outbreak in the country.
Resentment among citizens continues to grow due to the stringent lockdown measures in Shanghai. On Friday, Shanghai reported 1,249 confirmed locally transmitted cases and 8,932 local asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19.
Vice Minister of China’s National Health Commission, Li Bin, emphasized that China’s “dynamic” zero-Covid policy is key to controlling the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.
Li Bin stated, “If the COVID response loosens to let the virus run free, it will definitely lead to a huge number of infections in a short period of time and a large number of severe and mortal cases.”
Meanwhile, Beijing’s Chaoyang district started the third and last round of COVID-19 screening among its 3.5 million residents on Friday. A majority of other districts are due to begin their third round of testing on Saturday.

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