People’s Convoy circles Capital Beltway in protest of COVID-restrictions

People's Convoy

People’s Convoy drives around Washington, DC. Convoy protests COVID-19 mandates & restrictions.

Where: United States

The Facts

On Sunday, a group of vehicles under the “People’s Convoy” banner circled the outskirts of Washington, DC, protesting COVID-19 mandates and restrictions in the country.
People’s Convoy representative, Lynne Kristensen, said the group planned to circle the Capital Beltway. Kristensen added that the group has been working with local and state law enforcement officials to determine the best time for the Convoy to travel.
A convoy organizer, Brian Brase, said the group planned to drive two laps around the Beltway every day this week until the group’s demands were met.
Washington County, MD, Sheriff Doug Mullendore stated, “There have been no problems and we are just monitoring things… (the convoy) have been very respectful and have caused no problems here.”
DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency Director, Christopher Rodriguez, said the People’s Convoy had indicated that they would remain outside Washington, DC.
Rodriguez noted that members of the National Guard had been stationed around the city to meet the Convoy should they decide to enter the capital.

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