Iraqi migrants flown home amid Belarus-Poland border crisis


Iraqi migrants flown back home from Belarus. Migrants suffered in the cold at Belarus-Poland border.

Where: Belarus-Poland border

The Facts

Hundreds of Iraq nationals were flown home on Thursday from Belarus, abandoning hopes of entering the European Union.

For the past few weeks, thousands of migrants have been stuck at the Belarus-Poland border, in a cold and wet forest, without food or water.

The United Nations Refugee Agency in Belarus tweeted, “Today, #UNHCR with support of the BRC delivered humanitarian aid to a group of asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants accommodated in a logistics center near the international crossing point Bruzgi – 500 thermal blankets were purchased and delivered.”

The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Yiva Johansson, stated, “Humanitarian access for UN agencies at the #Belarus Polish border is vital. Speedy returns for those who don’t qualify for Int. protection will help de-escalate situation + keep people from freezing in Belarus forests.”

Belarusian officials have been clearing border encampments and accommodating the occupants in a large warehouse.

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