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Texas border crossing has reopened
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Texas border crossing has reopened

Del Rio, TX Port of Entry reopened. Migrants cleared from International Bridge.

Where: Del Rio, TX

The Facts

The US on Saturday reopened the Del Rio Port of Entry, which is reached through the International Bridge at the Texas border.

Passenger vehicles and pedestrian movement resumed at 4 pm on Saturday, and commercial cargo operations will resume on Monday.

The border crossing in Texas was closed because of the unanticipated number of migrants who crossed the Rio Grande River and entered Del Rio, TX – Many camped under the bridge.

The Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said there are no longer any migrants camped under the Del Rio International Bridge.

US Customs and Border Protection stated, “Following efforts this week by US Border Patrol, Office of Field Operations and DHS partners to expedite processing of the migrant flow to manageable levels and with public safety restored, CBP reopened trade and travel operations at Del Rio Port of Entry.”

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