Haitian migrants are being deported

Haitian Migrants, US

US flies Haitian migrants back home . 400 additional agents man the southern border

Where: Del Rio, TX

The Facts

With the new comprehensive policy by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in place, the US has accelerated the deportation of Haitian migrants from Del Rio.

Over 6,000 Haitians have been processed and removed from an encampment at the Texas border town. As of Saturday, the makeshift camp housed over 13,000 immigrants.

US public health order Title 42 allows authorities to remove most migrants before officially seeking asylum in the country.

A photograph by Paul Ratje of a US Border Patrol agent on horseback with a whip grabbing a migrant created a stir on social media. Jen Psaki called the situation “horrific” but refused to comment on the consequences for the agent in question.

As per the DHS strategy, 400 additional US Customs and Border Protection agents and officers were sent to Del Rio and the port of entry closed.

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