CDC’s order will allow time for federal aid to reach renters


The CDC issued a 60-day eviction ban. Order issued to prevent COVID-19 spread.

Where: United States

The Facts

On August 3rd, the CDC issued a new 60-day rent eviction moratorium in counties with substantial to high transmission rates to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in the country.

Furthermore, the CDC order also stated that violators of the new rent eviction moratorium would face criminal penalties, including a fine or imprisonment for up to a year.

Referring to the new CDC order, President Biden said, “The bulk of the constitutional scholarship says that it’s not likely to pass constitutional muster… But there are several key scholars who think that it may, and it’s worth the effort.”

According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the new moratorium will allow State and local authorities some time to distribute the allocated federal funds for rent aid to eligible individuals.

Renters (citizens or others) impacted by COVID-19 who earn 80% or less of the average income in the area are eligible for federal rent aid.

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