Caldor Fire threatens more towns

California citizens, Firefighters

California fires destroy over a million acres. Smoke pollutes Bay area skies.

Where: California

The Facts

The Caldor Fire in Eldorado County remains entirely out of control as it burns for the fifth day. Over 5,000 people in the path of the fire have fled their homes.

As of Thursday morning, the Caldor fire had surged to 65,475 acres while firefighters struggled with limited resources and rugged terrain.

The Dixie fire, the second-largest wildfire in California’s history, grew to over 678,000 acres on Thursday while its containment held at 35%.

Firefighters reported flames expanding on Dixie’s east zone, near Janesville, fueled by dry sage and grassland.

Air-quality officials issued Spare the Air Alerts for Thursday and Friday as Bay Area skies filled with smoke. Wood-burning devices were banned for the duration of the alert, and people were urged to stay indoors if they smelled smoke.

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