Aftermath of Haiti earthquake


Death toll from Haiti earthquake passes 1,400. Rescuers fear heavy rains from tropical storm Grace.

Where: Haiti

The Facts

The death toll from the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on August 14th has exceeded 1,400 – Haiti’s Civil Protection agency estimates the number injured as 6000.

Work, fuel, and money were exhausted as some Les Cayes residents were seen at collapsed houses searching for scrap metal to sell while others waited for relatives abroad to wire them money.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry tweeted, “Aid management will be stepped up. We will increase our energies tenfold to reach, in terms of assistance, the maximum number of victims possible.”

The earthquake destroyed several churches, the only source of aid for Haitians – the government aid infrastructure is very weak.

National Hurricane Center has tweeted, “Tropical Depression #Grace Advisory 13A: Heavy Rains From Grace Spreading Westward Across Southern Haiti. Risk of Flash Flooding and Mudslides to Continue in Hispaniola Through Tuesday.”

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