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Judge ruling halts DACA
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Judge ruling halts DACA

Federal judge rules DACA unlawful. Temporary halt on new DACA approvals.

Where: United States, Texas

The Facts

▪ On Friday, a federal judge of the United States District Court in Houston, Andrew S. Hanen, ruled that President Barack Obama did not have the legal authority to create the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

▪ The DACA program, which offers protection from deportation for immigrants brought to the US illegally as children, was passed by executive order in 2012.

▪ The judge wrote that the current program recipients would not be affected immediately and that the federal government should not “take any immigration, deportation, or criminal action” against them.

▪ The Department of Homeland Security can continue to accept new applications and renewals for DACA, but there is a temporary halt on approvals.

▪ Immigrants currently enrolled in the program will retain the right to stay and work in the United States for now.

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