First full congressional inquiry into Jan 6th attack begins

House of Representatives

Capitol riots inquiry to begin on Tuesday. Pelosi enlists two GOP members to committee.

Where: Washington DC

The Facts

▪ This week marks the beginning of the first full congressional inquiry into the January 6th Capitol attack, held by a select committee.

▪ Two police officers from the Capitol’s protection squad and two from DC police will provide their first public testimony on the events of January 6th.

▪ Democrats originally wanted an independent special commission consisting of equal representation from both parties, but the proposal did not pass the Senate.

▪ In response, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi formed a select committee seeking nominations from the GOP.

▪ Out of the five nominations from the GOP, Pelosi rejected two (Jim Jordan and Jim Banks), leading to Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy boycotting the commission.

▪ Pelosi has since added republican Adam Kinzinger to the committee, bringing its total membership to 10, including republican Liz Cheney.

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