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Biden announces new vaccination rules for federal workers
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Biden announces new vaccination rules for federal workers

New actions to boost vaccinations announced. Biden proposes a $100 vaccination incentive.

Where: United States

The Facts

On July 29th, President Joe Biden announced new measures to encourage vaccination among citizens to combat the transmission of the COVID-19 Delta variant.

The new measures require all federal employees and contractors to report their vaccination status – employees who are not fully vaccinated are mandated to wear masks on the job at all times.

According to the White House fact sheet, Biden will ask the Department of Defense to look into incorporating the COVID-19 vaccine into the required vaccination list for military personnel.

Biden urged State and local governments to offer a $100 incentive from their allocated American Rescue Plan (ARP) fund to citizens who get fully vaccinated.

Additionally, small and medium-sized businesses will be reimbursed for providing employees paid leave to get their families vaccinated, and school districts will be asked to conduct at least one pop-up vaccination drive as schools reopen.

Biden said, “If you’re unvaccinated, you put your doctor and nurses at risk… Again, with freedom comes responsibility. So, please, exercise responsible judgment. Get vaccinated — for yourself, for the people you love, for your country.”

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