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VP Harris visits Mexico
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VP Harris visits Mexico

VP Harris met Mexican President on Tuesday. Immigration issue discussed.

Where: Mexico

The Facts

▪ After meeting the Guatemalan President on Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris met with the Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Tuesday.

▪ VP Harris tweeted, “Ahead of my meeting with President @lopezobrador_, the US and Mexico signed a critical Memo of Understanding. It outlines how our nations will work together to address the root causes of migration and help people find hope at home.”

▪ A White House statement read, “Through this joint initiative, the United States and Mexico will leverage their expertise and resources to tackle a range of challenges, including lack of employment, limited market access, and deforestation and regional instability caused by climate change.”

▪ On June 8th, the White House released a fact sheet announcing the areas of US-Mexico bilateral cooperation, including “the two governments’ shared commitment to a prosperous and secure North America.”

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