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Russia bans opposition groups
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Russia bans opposition groups

Russia outlaws opposition groups. Alexei Navalny’s groups labeled “extremist”.

Where: Russia

The Facts

▪ On Wednesday, a Russian court outlawed organizations founded by opposition leader Alexei Navalny and labeled them “extremist”.

▪ The court ruling prohibits anyone associated with Navalny’s organizations from running for office.

▪ The outlawed groups include the Foundation for Fighting Corruption, the Fund for Defending Citizens’ Rights, and Navalny’s headquarters.

▪ The extremism label carries with it prison terms for anyone who is associated with the groups.

▪ Other opposition groups were labeled as “undesirable”, which criminalizes membership in those groups under Russian law.

▪ The US State Department condemned the designations, saying, “Russia has effectively criminalized one of the country’s few remaining independent political movements.”

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