California re-opens as restrictions are lifted

Governor Gavin Newsom

California lifts nearly all restrictions. 72% of adults have received at least one shot.

Where: California

The Facts

▪ On Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced the lifting of virtually all Covid-19 restrictions on business and social gatherings in California.

▪ Newsom called Tuesday “reopening day,” after 72% of adults received at least one shot of the vaccine in the state.

▪ Most of California is open for business, including parks, museums, and other attractions. However, several attractions, including Coit Tower, Hearst Castle, and the San Francisco Griffith Observatory, LA, remain closed.

▪ All but four of California’s 280 state parks are open; however, many campgrounds are still closed.

▪ The office of the Governor of California tweeted, “As California reopens, we celebrate the incredible strength & resilience of our heroic health care workers.”

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