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India reaches record high Covid-19 cases
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India reaches record high Covid-19 cases

India crosses 300k single-day infections. Record high daily cases globally.

Where: India

The Facts

▪ COVID-19 cases in India rose by 346,786 and deaths by 2,624 over the past 24 hours, the highest daily rate for the country so far.

▪ India surpassed the US record for single-day infection on Thursday.

▪ The government has deployed military planes and trains to get oxygen from different parts of the country and overseas including Singapore.

▪ State-wise lockdowns have been implemented based on infection rate, however, PM Modi stated in his address to the nation that a full nationwide lockdown will be the last resort.

▪ Twitter has withheld some of the tweets that were critical to India’s handling of the pandemic, after a legal request by the Indian government.

▪ According to the Health Ministry, the total infection tally in India stands at 16.6 million on Saturday.

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