Biden backtracks on immigration cap

Joe Biden

Biden initially set the immigration cap to 15,000. The cap will now be lifted by May 15.

Where: Washington, DC

The Facts

▪ On Friday, Biden signed an emergency determination to accelerate refugee admission into the US, keeping the 15,000 refugee cap instated by his predecessor.

▪ The refugee cap faced opposition in light of Biden’s initial pledge in February to increase the cap to 62,500.

▪ Later on Friday, the White House said Biden would lift the refugee cap by May 15.

▪ White House correspondent Jen Psaki said Biden would set the actual cap by May 15 and it would be higher than 15,000 but probably lower than the 62,500 quoted in February.

▪ The White House chose the May 15 date because Biden did not want to delay the flights of already-vetted refugees into the United States.

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